Hellenic Aikido Union

About HAU

The central core of Hellenic Aikido Union was formed in 2011. The HELLENIC AIKIDO UNION (HAU) is an association with non-commercial purpose to the benefit of the public. It is comprised of people and clubs from whom Aikido is cultivated and practiced.

All HAU members and clubs are licensed by the respective governmental bodies of the Hellenic Republic (Greece).

HAU follows a program consistent with the Aikikai Foundation, the Aikido World Headquarters, Tokyo, Japan (Hombu Dojo), under the technical direction and supervision of Michel Erb Sensei. The process of training is led by qualified instructors, who have obtained their degrees from the Aikikai Foundation, Tokyo, Japan.

Founding object is the joint training and development of members of the union and the dissemination of the art of Aikido in the Greek territory, while fully respecting the Laws of the Greek State, the provisions and terms of the union's Founding Act and Operating Regulations, the decisions of the union institutions as well as the athletic ideal and certainly the principles and rules governing the art of AIKIDO. Non-negotiable principles governing the relations between the members is the respect for life, health, the physical integrity and personality of every human and living being, the respect and protection of nature, the respect and observance of the principles taught and popularized by the Founder of Aikido Morihei Ueshiba, and the guidelines of the head of Aikido (Doshu), self-respect, self-control, self-discipline and condescension.
The HELLENIC AIKIDO UNION supports and promotes Aikido, as created by the Founder Morihei Ueshiba, and as it is disseminated under the direction of the Aikikai Foundation - Aikido World Headquarters in Tokyo, and recognizes DOSHU as
the foremost authority οn Aikido.

The Headquarters of Hellenic Aikido Union is located at: Plateia Agias Irinis, Libona 2, Athens, Greece.

Technical Director
Michel Erb Shihan 6. Dan Aikikai

HAU Administration Board
President: Petros Moulagiannis (Person in charge)
Vice President: Gerasismos Potiris
Secretary: Nikos Klappas
Contact person: Giorgos Sardelis

Technical (Grading) Committee
Petros Moulagiannis 5. Dan Aikikai Hombu (Chairman)
Harris Fytros 5. Dan Aikikai Hombu
Gerasimos Potiris 5. Dan Aikikai Hombu
Nikos Klappas 4. Dan Aikikai Hombu
Member dojo

E-mail: hellenicaikidounion@gmail.com
Phone: +30 210 7700015
Fax: +30 210 7704900
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Address:  Plateia Agias Irinis, Libona 2, 10560 Athens, Greece